Can M1 machines install from greta dev and have a working install?

Based on this:

I believe that M1 machines can successfully sample posterior distributions using greta. Can someone confirm that dev version of greta can be put on an M1 machine?

i.e. does the below get a working M1 install?

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Hi @ajf!

Yes it currently works however it is not fully featured - parallel computing is currently broken and it is a bit tricky to explore why/how because debugging is a bit more complicated. We haven’t announced it is ready yet as there are also some other issues where we still need to fix some of the ways we have called TF functions, and a fair few warnings appear when using sometimes.

But please, feel free to use it - consider this an “early alpha testing phase”.

# restart R

Thank Nick! I tested the above on my windows machine. Seems to work well there and seems faster too.

I will get one of my students to try it on an M1 machine and report back. Thanks!

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Wonderful, really happy to hear it has installed properly, please let us know how it all goes :slight_smile: