Request for a modification of function greta_sitrep

Dear all,

I am developing a package that calls greta functions and have met the difficulty that some of the CRAN servers on which these packages are tested have greta installed but incomplete installation regarding python. CRAN experts ask me to exit gracefully in such cases.
I have found the function greta_sitrep very useful to diagnose such cases. Unfortunately, (i) it takes some time (around 10s or more) but I guess it is unavoidable and (ii) its output is in terms of messages which is not easy to handle within my function. More specifically, I have figured out to handle the output within my function with the function capture.output: e.g.: test<-capture.output(greta::greta_sitrep(),type=“message”), yet I have met the problem that using such a function within a Rmarkdown context makes the function behave badly (much as in:

My question is to know if there is a way to get the output of greta_sitrep directly in a vector and not as messages, much as runjags::testjags does.

I thank you very much in advance.