Tensorflow 2 and greta: Error in TF graph

Hi All,

I could not install an earlier version of tensorflow because of my company server,but I could install tensorflow 2.0. I also installed greta-dev and the one in CRAN does not work. What kind of support exists for tf2.0? I get the following error when starting the mcmc -
Run : draws <- mcmc(m, n_samples = 1000)
Error: **
** Error in py_call_impl(callable, dots$args, dots$keywords) : **
** RuntimeError: Evaluation error: ValueError: Tensor(“mcmc_sample_chain/trace_scan/while/Const:0”, shape=(3,), dtype=int32) must be from the same graph as Tensor(“leapfrog_integrate_one_step/add:0”, shape=(None, 3), dtype=float64)…


There’s no TF2 support yet as it only just launched. The current release and dev versions of greta rely on TF 1.14 and TFP 0.8.0.
A TF2 compatible version should be available in the next few weeks though, I’ve started working on compatibility and shouldn’t take much longer. Will update here when it’s ready to go!

Oh brilliant!! Thanks for the reply and the development Nick!!


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